“Your Spirit” | Tasha Cobbs feat. Keirra Sheppard

ASL Deaf Artist: Megg Rose

Film/edit by GUM Vision Studio film productions

We wanted to create equal accessibility for our Deaf community to enjoy worship equally as the hearing community to help raise .02% of the Deaf population to know Jesus. Together we can build bridges to enjoy music equally.


“Mean” | Taylor Swift

Music video in ASL by Megg Rose & CSDR Middle School Students. We do not own any music rights to Taylor Swift “Mean”, All rights belongs to the lovely TAYLOR SWIFT.

(Disclosure Notice:)
This video was approved by CSD Riverside to be filmed on the campus using volunteer students, staff and community members to spread awareness for anti bullying. No monetary compensation was received by any participant or CSD.

California School for the Deaf, Riverside
Parents of CSDR students
Crew for more about California School for the Deaf, Riverside

Produced/Film/edit by GUM Vision Studio film productions


“Say the WORD” | Hillsong

All sound copyrights belongs to Hillsong United, All American Sign Language rights belongs to Megg Rose.

Special Thanks to Hillsong United & Capitol CMG Publishing for Copyrights // ASLSoundofMusic
Facebook & Instagram: DeafWomenofFaith // ASLSoundofMusic (IG)

Film/edit by GUM Vision Studio film productions


“Rescue Me” l Toni Nicole

Check out the Founder Megg Rose, a Deaf Performing Artist collaboration with Toni Nicole in American Sign Language. Megg is passionately as a Deaf Performing Artist to create equal accessibility in the music industry by collaborating with variety of Artist in ASL. We want to personally thank these artists for collaborating with Megg Rose.

You can purchase the audio song:

We all go through storms in life & we know we can cry out to God to rescue us from our storms. We wanted to give encouragement for all that’s happening for all of the survivors of Hurricane, flood, earthquakes, fires & more. Take heart knowing we can turn to God & come together to serve one another unconditionally.

Special thanks to Michael Davis, GUM Vision Studio for film/edit.



“How Can It Be” | Lauren Daigle

Please know that ALL sound-music rights belongs to the lovely ANOINTED LAUREN DAIGLE. In this video, all American Sign Language translation-performing rights belongs to Megg Rose. Glory to God who sent His only song who is willing to bear the cross because He LOVES us so much. Thank you Jesus Christ for pleading our cause & gave your life to give us ours so we can be FREE!

Filmed at Generations Church in Moreno Valley, CA
Film/edit by GUM Vision Studio film productions



“Amazing Grace” l Phil Wicham

Deaf Bible Society & Deaf Bible app had asked me to sign Phil Wicham’s song in American Sign Language, “Amazing Grace”. This is a simple authentic worship to our mighty faithful loving King.

We do not own the sound music rights to this song & all sound rights belongs to Phil Wickham

All American Sign Language rights, belongs to Megg Rose.

Special thanks to GUM Vision Studio for filming & editing.

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Together we can raise .02% of our Deaf population to receive Christ as their personal savior by sharing this post to show our AMAZING His Grace!



“Rejoice” l Priscilla Olubunmi-Awoseyi

Let’s REJOICE for this beautiful collaboration by a Deaf Performing Artist, Megg Rose & Priscilla Olubunmi-Awoseyi, a beautiful Canadian based Nigerian Gospel/Inspirational Artiste based in Edmonton Alberta who is passionate about music and in using it as a tool for changing lives. Priscilla reached out to Megg on her and asked if she would do the honor to sign her song in sign language to reach the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community. What a beautiful example of how both artists who speaks different language to collborate together so that both worlds can enjoy music equally. Glory to our King, the Highest!

This song is about celebrating Jesus’ birth who brought Peace on Earth & brought joy to the world.

You can visit Priscilla’s website:

Film/edit by GUM Vision Studio film productions


“Joy to the World”, “I Wonder as I Wander”, and “What Child is This”

“Joy to the World”, “I Wonder as I Wander”, and “What Child is This” l Steve Dahlgren/Desmond Clark

Here is another special Christmas piece that is specifically written with no voice & composed so beautifully through music by Steve Dahlgren/Desmond Clark in American Sign Language by Megg Rose, Deaf Performing Artist. We wanted to create something so unique for both worlds to enjoy music equally. Subtitles are included, you have the option to turn on/off for this video.

Piano: Steve Dahlgren
Violin: Hanchu Dai
Cello: AJ Ursua
Sound Engineer: Desmond Clark
Music arranged by: Steve Dahlgren & Desmond Clark
TelePrompTer: Jacob Bernal
Deaf Performing Artist: Megg Rose

Film/Edit by: GUM Vision Studio


We present you, “O Holy Night” – “The First Noel” – “Little Drummer Boy” in American Sign Language by @deafwomenoffaith Founder Megg Rose who is Deaf with vocalist Bailey Dahlgren.

This music video is truly unique because it showcases two different languages while demonstrating one language, which is His Love, through music for the Deaf community & Hearing community to hear and see the true meaning of Christmas.

Thank you AJ Ursua, Steve Dahlgren, Desmond Michael Clark & all of those who volunteered from California Baptist University Community for working with GUM Vision to bring this music to life for both worlds to see God’s Unconditional Love for us. We couldn’t have done this without you!

Deaf Artist Solo: Megg Rose
Vocal Solo: Bailey Dahlgren
Piano: Steve Dahlgren
Drums: Allan Rios
Double Bass: Paul Johnson
Cello: AJ Ursua
Violin: Jason Chan
Keyboard: Brian Chan
Drums: Desmond Michael Clark
Percussion: Hunter Spitzer

Lighting: Manny Gomez-Cruz
Teleprompter: John Victory
Production Assistant: Jackson Brown

Video Choir:
Dr Gary Chan, Chris Chan, Kimberly Allison, Easton Dahlgren, Manny Gomez-Cruz, Evan Chan, Spencer Dahlgren, Rebecca Orr, Michael Kestler

Studio Choir:
Morgan Teruel, Gabrielle Green, Brittany Johnson, Bailey Dahlgren, Spencer Dahlgren, Phoebe Ligeralde, Desmond Michael Clark, Brian Richardson, Ethan Marrs, Easton Dahlgren, AJ Ursua, Steve Dahlgren

Audio Engineer:
Desmond Michael Clark

Videographer/Editor: Michael Davis
GUM Vision Studio Production and

“Sign language is a human right, it is not just an option.” -Ralph Singleton
“There is never a cloud without its bright light.” – Billy Graham

“I Don’t Need Your Cure”
Written By Megg Rose
Performed by Megg & Yamila Rose

Check credit roll for more info…

I don’t need your cure…Thank you Lord!