Consultation Form


A consultation form is very important. It helps Megg as your Aesthetician to make sure that your treatment will be safe for your individual medical needs. Using the information on a consultation form will help Megg build up a picture of your lifestyle, find out about your medical history and help make sure that the treatments that you receive are the best for you.

* Don’t be put off by a long form

This form is for ALL first time clients under MizHands On Spa. I’ts very important to be honest. If you suffer from conditions such as epilepsy, high or low blood-pressure, diabetes, or if you have cancer, some treatments may be unsuitable for you. For instance, facials which use electro-therapy won’t be good for you if you have a heart condition. Tell Megg as she will then be able to tailor your treatment to suit your needs.

* Admit to any allergies

Tell Megg, your aesthetician about any allergies or intolerance that you have. Aestheticians can ensure you don’t come into contact with anything that’s likely to make you unwell or experience a break-out. The consultation form is the place to make sure you describe your allergies and sensitivities for your own well-being and safety.

* Plan for a patch test

If you’re scheduling any beauty treatments which include dye, such as eyelash or brow tinting, for those who never had brow dye before will require a patch test at least 24 hours before you have the treatment. You could have a reaction to the dye. The last thing you want when you leave a spa is red eyes and a rash!

Consultation forms are a good way for therapists to build up a rapport with a regular client. Thanks to notes on a consultation form, Megg can follow-up on which products were used, find out if you had an adverse reaction to any part of the treatment, and ensure that your future treatments won’t include those elements. So, if you visit Megg regularly, a consultation form will improve your treatments.

So don’t worry about a consultation form; it’s there to make sure that you get the best treatment possible, that’s right for you. Megg looks forward educating you, pampering you & ensure that you leave with 100 percent completed by the results performed!

Consultation Form