Megg Rose will meet with you to analyze your skin after you fill out the online skin consultation form prior your apportionment to discuss your skin care objectives. MizHands On Spa uses advanced professional Image Skin Care products and treatments, to create a plan with Megg’s recommendations for your personal skin care regimen to help improve your skin’s texture, tone, and overall appearance.

MizHands On Spa offers 14 years of professional experience in the Aesthetic industry & chooses professional products that creates results for her clients. She believes in designing a customized treatment plan that will help protect and renew your skin while making it look fresh and healthy.

MizHands On Spa offers variety of services that specifically tailor treatments to your skin type & your skin goals.

The skin is our largest organ and like the body, benefits from a personal trainer to maximize its health and performance. Keep in mind our skin works just the same way as weight loss. To loose weight, requires time to loose weight. Our skin works the same way. In order for you to get the maximum results you need, you will need to follow the exact protocol that’s instructed by a licensed aesthetician. It takes time for you to accomplish the skin results you want & it all depends on how committed you are to the protocols that designed for you in the first place.

MizHands On Spa offers variety of facial treatments to whip your skin into shape and promote the best results from your at-home skincare routine.

The first step is to book your appointment to perform your Skin Consultation Facial Analysis with Megg Rose, Licensed Aesthetican.

Facial Analysis

Every time I treat a client, even if it’s their fourth time, I carry out a 15 minute consultation for any updates on changes in client’s regime.

This helps me build up a profile of my client’s skin, and identify any skin conditions or concerns that require my attention.

The Questionnaire

Before my client gets on the Aesthetic bed, we have a discussion about their skin, we discuss their lifestyle, health concerns, medication and more.

This is also the time, where I discuss any previous treatments my client may of had, I also like to get an idea, of what they are using on their skin, all of which helps me to determine the outcome of their treatment or to see how their progress is going.

Next I give my client a mirror and ask them to identify any concerns; this is where I step my treatment up a gear, as this information helps me to customize their treatment, specifically for my client.


Before performing the visual facial beauty analysis, I cleanse the skin.

The first cleanse is to ensure that all make up has been completely removed, an important step, if I am to get a true idea of my client’s skin type. Preferably for clients to come to their appointment bare skin if they can.

I don’t tone the skin, as this temporarily dilates the pores, which can interfere with the skin analysis.

The Magnifying Lamp
With the use of a magnifying lamp, I begin to assess their skin.

I never perform a facial beauty analysis, with the magi lamp shining directly onto the skin; I always keep it at an angle, looking across the skin. This helps me get an idea of what is going on under the surface, which is where most conditions arise.

It highlights any areas I may need to focus on, that are not visible to the naked eye.

Once I’ve have established the skin type and skin conditions, I am in a better position, to correctly treat my client.

Concluding the Treatment

At the end of the treatment, I discuss the findings with my client:

  • Treatment process
  • Areas of concern
  • Reasons why
  • Products used

We discuss the best treatment method before moving forward, along with recommending the best home care regime to implement.